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From Mike Rutz VP, Angie's List Health to Dr. Jaime Davis, "I want to personally congratulate you for maintaining an "A" rating on Angie's List.


To entire staff, "Thank you for your care and consideration this last year. I haven't forgotten your kindness and am anxiously awaiting your participation in my new insurance plan so I am able to come see you all again! I sing you praises as wonderful professional practitioners. Please know I am very grateful for your kindness. Thank you."


From Dr. Charles Crutchfield III to Dr. Jaime Davis, "Congratulations on being selected by Minnesota Monthly magazine as being one of the top dermatologists in the state of Minnesota. It is an honor well deserved. Congratulations."


"Joan, the work that you did on my face has healed perfectly. I can barely find the lesion to apply the cream. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your thoroughness and your expert touch on the laser system."


Thank you Olaf and Laura for the great service!  Olaf you give wonderful massages!  It has helped my total back pain is much better.  I also had a facial with Laura and my skin looks so alive.  I can't wait until my next appointment! 


Dr. Davis, you're the greatest, with such a fun welcoming knowledgeable staff you really look forward to your next visit. I have been to other dermatologists but Uptown is like a second family. Dr. Davis the Van Gogh of dermatology. I look forward to my next visit.


Hi Dr. Davis,

This is long overdue, but I just want to tell you how grateful I am for everything you and your team has done for me. I am pleased with my new look. I still have lines around my eyes and lips, but they're lighter, softer, and fewer. What I like most is that it looks natural.

Besides all that, it's just been such a gift to meet you. You're so kind, so much fun, and just a pleasure to be around. I've enjoyed the entire experience (minus a few "ouches":)) more than I can express.

Thanks so much!


I was a patient of Nadine Miller, who was fantastic!  Since moving to the D.C./Baltimore area I have yet to find a dermatologist/PS with as much knowledge and as comforting.


Dear Dr. Davis and everyone at Uptown Dermatology & SkinSpa,

Happy New Year! We wanted to thank you for what has consistently been a level of quality and care that before we would have considered unattainable. We are so touched by the lengths to which all of you go to provide an exceptional experience and to offer treatment that has been so beneficial to our skin. The difference is amazing! There is no way to truly express our gratitude and well wishes for the new year, so... thank you!


Dear Dr. Davis and staff:

It all started a few years back when my primary Doctor referred me to Uptown Dermatology, for a skin condition. I knew from walking in the door, this was not your ordinary spa, or clinic. Upon meeting Dr. Davis and Chad for the first time, I felt the utmost comfort in my treatment, and the many options I was given. Your entire staff, I found very well qualified, both medically and professionally.

As one who loves to garden, finding peace and relaxation in it's tranquil setting, as I'm sure other do as well, especially during these stressful times for us all. I always have that same feeling on my return visits to the spa, with the calming atmosphere, and not the typical clinical, yet a very much welcome home feeling, from You, and your entire staff.

In today's society of fast pace Doctor visits, where one is fortunate to get five minutes with their physician, or able to get a word in edge wise. You, and your staff really take the time to listen to one's needs and concerns, and you feel that continued sincerity each visit. Receiving great advice, with new technology and the best up to date advanced treatment in all areas, has made it easy for me to invite my friends and family to experience this truly wonderful full circle care and treatment Spa.

Sincere thanks to you, and your entire staff.


Dear Dr. Davis:

Thank you for being so caring. I want to let you know that I appreciate you thinking about me and helping me with my needs. Thank you for creating an inviting environment for your patients. I am grateful! With much appreciation.


Dear Nadine:

Thanks so much for the BOTOX injections!  Since that first week after the injections I only sweat when I workout.  I go to my closet each morning excited to pick out what I will wear!  I can't thank you enough.


Dear Dr. Davis:

Thanks again for coming to talk to our group this past Saturday. It was very informative and we all received many good tips. I heard lots of positive comments after the meeting. Thank you for giving up part of your day for us!


Nadine & Sadie:

Thanks so much for getting me in on such short notice.  I really appreciate it.  My husband loves my lips!! You both are so sweet.


Dr. Davis:

A long overdue note to say thank you for the careful work and care you so aptly showed during my appointment back in February. I'm so happy with the results.

P.S.- Only recently - without knowledge of my treatment - a sister commented on my skin, face, and how good it looked. Fun.


To Olaf Brown: Your hands breed trust.


Becky & Jill,

Thank you very much for treating me. I really appreciate your patience and bedside manner. Your kindness is heartfelt. Again, thank you for all that you do. I'm forever grateful.



Thank you so much for your fabulous care.  I am so relieved to have an answer to my rash.



You did a great job and I slept so well, my muscles were so relaxed, my headache gone... you're the best massage therapist! Also, the next few days after your message I felt more flexible during my runs... :) that felt really nice.


Jaime & Joan,

Second time was a charm for my pesky spots! Thank you for fighting the battle and being such thorough, patient providers. 



OMG that was one of the best massages I have had in a very long time. I was so relaxed and I feel so much better. Lee, Massage Therapist


Dr. Davis,

You take the time to listen and spend time needed to understand and care for your patient the right way. That In turn, leaves your patients feeling at ease to not leave things out, or be embarrassed to say , "Oh I have this spot here" which could be life saving and spending that little extra time looking a bit further to see what the problem may be, the FIRST time.

Today we all deserve GREAT health care, not just good or OK. Heath care is about PREVENTION.. and catching things early. Is this not what a Doctor truly is all about, to bring a better quality of life to his or her patients, when there is something wrong and make it right? I'm so so thankful YOU as a very qualified doctor feels the same, and does take the time to say lets find out now... NOT later.

Trust me, there is a big responsibility on the patients part as well Doctors are not mind readers, so keeping that honest communication channel open is highly important. It all comes back to a doctors who takes the time to listen. Many times a patient feels rushed from the start.

I never feel rushed at your clinic, I feel you care and your entire staff care how I feel. If I make an appointment and come in, you know there is something that is wrong and is bothering me; and that I have concerns about. You do take the time to make it right, the FIRST time not a year later, and that is true prevention, and tells me I've found a great place to STAY healthy.

With much gratitude.

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