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Summer '11 KSTP:Bug Sprays
Spring '11 KSTP:Flower Power
Winter '10 KSTP:Mole Check-Up
Summer '10 KSTP:Medical Myth Buster
Summer '10 KSTP:Skin Cancer
Summer '10 KSTP:Medical Myths
Spring '10 KSTP:Ask The Dermatologist
Spring '10 KSTP:Doctor Panel
Spring '10 KSTP: Skin Spring Cleaning
Spring '10 KSTP: Spray Tan
Winter '10 KSTP: Breakout Causes
Winter '09 KSTP: Post Party Overhaul
Winter '09 KSTP: The Price of Beauty
Winter '09 KSTP: Family Arguing
Fall '09 KSTP: Body Fat Treatments
Fall '09 KSTP: Natural Beauty Products
Sum '09 KSTP: Skin Care Products
Sum '09: MN Monthly
Sum '09: Children's Song
Sum '09 KSTP: Wrinkle Free
Sum '09 KSTP: New Cosmetics
Spr '09 KSTP: Melanoma & the Sun
Spr '09 KSTP: Grandma's Products
Spr '09 KSTP: Beauty Products
Spr '09 KSTP: Acne and Rosacea
Spr '09 CW: Uptown Commercial
Win '08 KSTP: Amazing Recovery
Win '08 KSTP: Eye Care Tricks
Win '08 KSTP: Dry Skin & UV
Fall '08 KSTP: 10 Years Younger
Fall '08 KSTP: Double Duty Drugs
Fall '08 KSTP: Recipes
Fall '08 KSTP: Exfoliation
Fall '08 FM 107.1: Cyber Sale
Sum '08 Art Fair: Fair Photos
Sum '08 KSTP: Skin Care Myths
Sum '08 KSTP: Vitamin D & Skin
Sum '08 KSTP: Skincare Overload
Sum '08 KSTP: Excess Sweating
Sum '08 WCCO: Sunscreens
Sum '08 WCCO: Mosquito Bites
Spr '08 KSTP: Sun Protection
Spr '08 Metro Doctors: Becky
Win '08 Metro Doctors: Nadine
Win '08 Metro Doctors: Excimer
Spr '08 MN Monthly: Best Doctors
Win '07 KSTP: Dry Skin
Fall '07 TCLF: Fountain of Youth


Summer '09 KSTP

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